Why “notonewordoutofyou”?

I won’t hide it. I created this blog with ulterior motives.  I’m taking a class at Teluq that requires me to learn about new technologies, so I dove head first into blogging, hoping to understand the process from the perspective of a blogger, instead of limiting myself to the perspective of an educator.

So there I sat, at my desk, at work (yes, I did this while at work), wondering what clever name to give my blog that wouldn’t instantly identify me online, and which could serve as an umbrella site for other “sub-blogs” I plan on implementing. I considered all sorts of cheeky ideas, but to my dismay, they were already taken by other more avant-garde bloggers. I came up with “Not one word out of you” because it reminded me of what I’d heard over the years, both as a teacher and as a student, and seemed particularly ironic considering the ultimate objective of blogging.

So here ends my attempt at being clever. Let’s all pray that it’s a continuing trend.


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