Mad Men Dress Challenge #2: Finished project!


Well, FINALLY, I’ve managed to finish my Mad Men dress. As I mentioned previously, I was inspired by Jane Sterling’s pale blue dress:


This is my darker, sleeveless version:


I even went a little crazy and did a 1960s style makeup, complete with false lashes, to go with my 1960s updo, based on The Freelancer’s Fashion Blog big twirl updo tutorial.



Overall, I am extremely happy with the final results (and I love the cute fabric belt!), especially considering the fact that this is my first fitted dress. The outfit was a hit at the Mad Men Costume party I attended last night.


To summarize, I learned a heck of a lot about pattern fitting and garment construction in general:

  • Making a muslin;
  • Small bust adjustment;
  • Narrow back adjustment;
  • Narrow shoulder adjustment;
  • Redrawing shoulder facings;
  • Working with facings;
  • Waist stay;
  • Hemming a full gathered skirt;
  • Fabric covered belt.

All things considered, it was an excellent learning experience.

Looking back at all the modifications I had to make due to my measurements, I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t try to locate “junior miss” vintage patterns, seeing as my measurements aren’t quite as voluptuous as the “miss” patterns call for, though I still have da booty. In modern reproductions of vintage patterns, I could cut a small size for the back and front bodice pieces, but for one  size vintage patterns, I’ll just have to make friends with pattern adjustments…and possibly splurge on a dress form?

One can always dream…

And now…what’s the next project on my list???


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