Mad Men Dress Challenge #2: yeah baby!

Having missed the first one entirely seeing as I wasn’t *yet* retro sewing obsessed, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon for this year’s Mad Men Dress Challenge, hosted by magnificently talented Julia Bobbin.


After perusing perused last year’s amazing creations, I decided to get my inspiration from Jane Sterling’s pale blue dress.


I loved the tie at the neck as well as the fact that the dress didn’t look super tight, like some of Joan’s outfits. Also, keep in mind that I was preparing this dress for an Argentine Tango Mad Men costume party, hosted by one of my favourite milongas Tango Social Club. For the uninitiated, a milonga is both a very upbeat style of tango as well as an evening of dance. I’ve been involved with Argentine Tango for nearly 9 years now, to the point where most of my free time revolves around learning, practicing or dancing tango. So, if I was going to make a retro-inspired Mad Men dress, I had to take into account the large backsteps and embellishments we generally do when we dance tango.

Like another blogger who was inspired by this dress last year, I chose to use the Simplicity Paris Fashion pattern, which I thankfully found on eBay for a steal! I did however choose to use the sleeveless model, because…one sweats A LOT when dancing tango:


As for the colour, I wanted something that was a bit more suited to me darker skin tone, so I chose a royal blue crepe which I found on sale at my local big box fabric store:


So, all this excitement lead me to believe that it would be an easy-peasy project, especially after having made done the Walkway dress sew along at Edelweiss Patterns. Little did I know I’d be fiddling with the bodice for DAYS trying to successfully complete a narrow back adjustment and a small bust adjustment (insert scary movie music here). But that adventure, I’ll save for my next post!


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