My sewing space

….I don’t have one.

My sewing space is actually my grand-mère Liliane’s old kitchen table, with both extra panels inserted in to make it as wide as possible, housed in our beautifully renovated kitchen.


When it comes to being a kitchen and dining room, the space is fabulous. The floors are heated, we have a beautiful view, and everything is new.  All our cutlery, dishware, miscellaneous cooking stuff and foodstuff is housed in that amazing wall of cabinets, as well as in those near the sink and appliances.


Whenever I want to get sewing, I pull the sewing machine and basket out from its hiding place behind the comfy chair in the living room, go fetch whatever supplies I need and bring the ironing board and iron down from the closet in the master bedroom. See those wide drawers in the middle of the wall of cabinets? The one on the top left-hand side is actually where I hide my patterns, some sewing supplies and various sketches. As for my fabric, it is stashed in large plastic bins, at the top of my closet, but some of it migrates down to the kitchen whenever I’m working on a specific project. Needless to say that I invade the entire kitchen whenever I get sewing-obsessed, and it goes without saying that if I don’t clean up it all up before dinner time, there are some noticeable complaints!

The consequence of sewing in such a space is that I often think twice before taking on anything remotely lengthy, because I know the other inhabitants of the house will have to suffer through the process with me, and deal with the pieces of fabric and thread that get dropped on the floor.

Though I’m very lucky to have such a bright room to work in, I can’t help but dream of the day I can organize a dedicated sewing space, with my fabric, supplies and perhaps even (dare I say it?) a dress form close at hand. The following images have fired up my imagination and given me something to consider for the serious renovation plans we have in the works for next summer:




In the meantime, I plan on invading the kitchen once again for my next project, the lovely Galaxy dress knock-off by Vogue (8280):


Let the games begin!



The belly dance inspired tango costume – The Adventure Begins!

Having seen my favorite tango dancer wear something similar, I decided, for some odd reason, to put together a similar costume. I spent many hours researching online, only to find that what I planned to make was very similar to a belly dancing top, only with way less beading and with a tummy cover. Having asked a few experts, I went to the fabric store, spent 19$ on fabric and notions, and got started.
Here is the bra I started out with; a La Senza bra I don’t wear anymore since I lost some weight and cleavage (fun times).







I snipped off the shoulder straps, as per Shushana’s most excellent instructions (which can be found at ).

Here’s the fabric I chose: a pink satin for the back and halter strap (and potentially for the matching skirt I’ll try making) and a printed chiffon to cover the cups and for the tummy cover.







I also got a cheap cotton fabric just to cover the cups since they’re a bright aqua:







As you can see the cups aren’t stiff like with belly dancing bras since I won’t be covering them with beading.







So I pinned my cotton fabric to a cup, again as per Shushana’s excellent instructions; then I created my dart, pinned that, and pinned the rest of the fabric onto the cup.







Here’s a close-up of my “needs work” spiral stitch for the dart and for the inside of the cup:













Obviously, someone needs to practice her hand stitching!

Now, I’ve got two cups covered in my cotton fabric:







I decided to snip away the center connector because I felt I needed the cups to be closer together a smidge.







Then I started to cover my cups with the chiffon fabric, but this time around, I didn’t create the dart because I wanted a sort of “pleating” effect on the cup. I’m more or less satisfied with the results because a) you can see the dark of the covering material underneath the chiffon, and b) the pleating effect is minimal. I’m still unsure as to how to achieve that effect:







Next, I made a center connector out of 2 strips of grosgrain ribbon and 2 strips of heavy interfacing (overkill much?). I stitched those layers together and then covered them with my pink satin fabric…I’m still working on HOW exactly to securely attach the connector to the cups, and at what angle.







I think I may have to remove the stitching on one side and bring the cups closer together because they seem to have changed in the way they fit. Perhaps by adding the back strap and halter strap, I’ll get a better idea of how it’ll end up looking. I wonder if the inside lining will be enough to “pad” the bra for my petite chest…
To be continued!

Oops. I’ve been away…

My poor neglected blog!

I sincerely apologize. I’ve been drowning in work, school work and raising a toddler. I sincerely wish there was more time and energy left to write, without rhyme or reason, but sadly that is not the case. Fear not! My absence has at least yielded a monumental Moodle project and an accompanying essay, writing in French no less. I pray the Great French Gods of Writing that the text will deserve a good grade.

And now, in the spirit of true bilingualism, I’m off to add a French blog (ou un “blogue”) to my repertoire, in order to satisfy the requirements for my last essay. I hope that this next blog doesn’t suffer from the same abandonment that this one has…so many good intentions, so little time!

Why “notonewordoutofyou”?

I won’t hide it. I created this blog with ulterior motives.  I’m taking a class at Teluq that requires me to learn about new technologies, so I dove head first into blogging, hoping to understand the process from the perspective of a blogger, instead of limiting myself to the perspective of an educator.

So there I sat, at my desk, at work (yes, I did this while at work), wondering what clever name to give my blog that wouldn’t instantly identify me online, and which could serve as an umbrella site for other “sub-blogs” I plan on implementing. I considered all sorts of cheeky ideas, but to my dismay, they were already taken by other more avant-garde bloggers. I came up with “Not one word out of you” because it reminded me of what I’d heard over the years, both as a teacher and as a student, and seemed particularly ironic considering the ultimate objective of blogging.

So here ends my attempt at being clever. Let’s all pray that it’s a continuing trend.

Blogging, here I come.

Well, here goes. This is my first attempt at blogging. Seeing as I’m trying to complete a graduate diploma in distance education, and taking a course called “technology and distance education”, I really need to step OUT of the dark ages and start tackling blogging.

Here’s to a painless experience!